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Happy New Year from The Lily Pad Florist, 2024 Feels Fuzzy

Jan 16, 2024 | Flower Care

With all the festivities done and dusted and the anticipated change of digits on the calendar, it’s safe to say that the new year has arrived. With spring encroaching on our doorstep, it brings with it the essence of the new year with promises of fresh opportunities and uncharted possibilities. We are certainly excited for what this year has to offer.

I must admit that there does seems to be an air to 2024 – something embodying the feeling of serenity, self-reflection, self-love, and personal growth, even. I’m not sure if it’s just the community surrounding us, personally, or if this is a universal experience. Even so, I get the sense that we, as a society, are craving harmony and a feeling of acceptance or safety within our communities – even Pantone seems to agree. With the release of their colour of the year being “Peach Fuzz”, it screams “quiet” – like we all need to still our minds and reflect on what we’re wanting from life. It’s definitely not the most exciting colour choice but it sure does evoke a sense of calm. It’s nothing crazy, but rather somewhat safe. I don’t know about you, but I surely have no objections with that after the intense few years we’ve had.

I think that the past few years have been some of the most trying times for a lot of us and the need for security is something we can all agree on.  Whether it be feeling safe and at peace in our communities, our homes or even in our own skin, it’s been a long time now since a lot of us have experienced it. Feeling safe to be ourselves and to simply love is something we are passionate about, at The Lily Pad Florist. We are advocates for spreading love – we believe that when we receive love, we feel at peace with the world and an innate desire to share that feeling. Flowers, not only being a precious gift of nature, hold so many massages – the biggest one of all is Love. This year, we want to encourage our community to spread the love and keep the cycle going. For us all to feel a sense of ease and security within our communities, it’s us as a community who need to then take the first step.

We as a team, are ready to spread the essence of peace, serenity, and security through our love of flowers. As spring blooms new life into the year, we want to capture a love for life and the beauty that surrounds us. We want to encourage you to be still and watch the earth awaken new opportunities to spread all kinds of love this year. Be the “Peach fuzz” and emit that essence of inner peace and calmness. Let it spread so that our community can become a safe and loving space for all who cross its threshold.

With that, we say a very Happy New Year. May it bring all the promise of love and serenity to you and your loved ones!

Mandy and The Lily Pad Florist Team.

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