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The Autumnal Flower We Love, Dahlias in all their Delight.

Oct 9, 2023 | Flower Care

Autumn has officially arrived. The days are noticeably colder, and the forest edges are beginning to boast their beautiful shades of ochres, reds, and terracotta. It’s a beautiful thing watching the season change – it’s rather symbolic of our state of minds. We feel the end of the year creeping close and we start to reflect on the times we’ve had. We begin to reap the achievements of our hard work – reflecting on the plans and goals sowed way back when in the earliest parts of the year. It’s a time to harvest the fruits of our labour and celebrate making it through another year around the sun.

With all of us shifting into a state of reflection and prosperity, we think back on the times we have stumbled and especially times we have succeeded throughout the year. Both having been worth the efforts as we find ourselves that much wiser because of them. I personally find myself feeling grateful – tired from the long year but also buzzing at the new opportunities which come with the change of season. At The Lily Pad Florist, we feel that the Dahlia is a perfect flower for the Autumn season. Yes, they have started to bloom but more so because of their colours. They are warm and delightful ranging from pinks, reds, and oranges – a real treat to behold on a grey autumn day.

These bold colours capture the essence of energy, vigour, and passionate enthusiasm which are all qualities that speak of success and excitement. It’s rather appropriate as we near the busy festive season. With them being a symbol of dignity and elegant endurance, it is clear why they are the flower of success and achievement. Is Autumn not that time as well? We have endured the hard work of the year and are beginning to reap the fruits of our labour. A rather gratifying cycle we all get to enjoy around the world.

Another nod to this cyclical phenomenon is the spiralling structural layers of the Dahlias petals. This intricate detailing pays homage to the complexity of creating one’s own success and the thought and attention required in achieving it. The varying colours, sizes and shapes of these beautiful blooms make for a multitude of options when designing a bouquet. With so many meanings associated, like dignity and elegant endurance previously mentioned, resilience and the embracing of change are their most attributed meanings. Perfect for expressing the resilience one needs to make it through to the autumn harvest or achieving that goal. This bright flower is remarkable and their joyful and positive qualities make them a favourite for many. With such a deep and inspiring meaning, it’s easy to see why they are suited as our Autumnal flower of choice.

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